Safety is important to us. Whether you are a new climber or have prior climbing experience, you will need to attend our safety briefing where we will show you around and demonstrate how to use some of the different safety systems.

For experienced climbers, you will need to be verified by a qualified staff member before you can use the lead wall, or use a personal belay device for top rope. Find out more about verification below.



Verification is a facility-level safety check, where climbers need to demonstrate to a qualified staff member that they meet climbing & belaying standards. Our standards are based on the Climbing Wall Association standards, and climbers coming for verification are expected to be proficient climbers & belayers, meeting the requirements set out here.

All our verifications are done on Assisted Braking Devices (ABDs) as belayers must use an ABD when belaying on our lead walls. More about ABDs here and the reasons for our ABD policy here.

Pre-booking is advised for verification. Ad-hoc verification is possible, but subject to staff availability.


Children under 13 must be supervised by an adult at all times while in the facility, and are strictly not allowed to belay except during a Climb Central class.

For children under-13 that have prior experience and wish to lead climb, there is a Kids Lead Climb Verification. Approach us at the counter for more information.