Every slab climb is a wonderful journey of connecting with your feet, balancing, feeling a little uncertain, standing tall, letting go and enjoying the lightness. There’s no muscling your way up a slab. Skill and belief are king.

Join us for this workshop to develop the essential skills to enjoy slab climbing to the fullest. Learn:

  • Slab specific footwork

  • Achieve balance by creating different shapes with your body

  • Weight transference


16 February 2019, Saturday
9AM to 10:30AM
11AM to 12.30PM
Climb Central Novena

$15 (excluding gym entry)
Booking is required.
All participants must be checked-in.

Fun fact: Xian can do a one arm pull-up.  Check out her climbing videos  @xiangoh_

Fun fact: Xian can do a one arm pull-up.
Check out her climbing videos @xiangoh_

Xian Goh | Guest Coach

Xian is a Singaporean climber who has been living and working in the UK for the past 10 years.

Don't be fooled by her sunshine smile and petite stature, Xian is one lean, mean climbing machine. Crushing both on rock and on plastic, her many achievements include bouldering v10s, 7c sport climbs, and being a finalist in the British Bouldering Championships.

Xian's love for slab climbing blossomed as a result of the sheer and sudden exposure to slab climbs while climbing outdoors in the UK. Since then, she has been gaining knowledge and honing her craft in the nuanced art of slab climbing.

Xian now wants to spend more time in Singapore and be part of the community where it all began for her.

Booster Pack Series 2019