Route setting is deliberate process. Every bolt and hold is specially placed with the intention to make things fun, educational, exciting, challenging and even pleasant looking (yup, this too) for your climbing audience!

Join us in this boulder setting workshop as we delve into the details of this delicate deed.

• Where to start 
• Appropriate hold selection
• Route aesthetics
• Fore running tactics

• Minimum age of 18 years
• At least one year of active climbing experience
• Able to at least boulder 2P in Climb Central
• Physically fit and healthy, comfortable with working at height and able to lift heavy load
• Suitable for climbers with little to no route setting experience

Please note:
• Participants are expected to bring their personal climbing equipment
• There will be no scheduled breaks for the duration of the course
• This is not a certification course

Email to sign up and find out more!


13 August 2019, Tuesday
8:30AM to 2:30PM

Climb Central Funan

Workshop Fee: $106

Chris Xie | Head Route Setter

Chris is Climb Central’s Head route setter and has 7 years worth of setting experience both locally and internationally. Having attended setting courses by world renowned setters such as Tonde Katiyo and Jackie Godoff, Chris is probably quite qualified to tell you why your route sucks. Chris will be joined by CC setters Shi Hui and Aaron to help bring your dream route to reality.

Booster Pack Series 2019