Join us in this hands-on workshop where you will learn and perform:

  • Rehabilitative exercises

  • Taping techniques

  • Correct muscle engagement while climbing

  • Body conditioning for pre-habilitation

Participation will receive a free roll of tape and a resistance band.
All you need to bring are your climbing shoes and injuries.


25 January 2019, Friday
8PM to 9:30PM
Climb Central Sports Hub

$12 (excluding gym entry)
All participants must be checked-in.

Prehab Rehab Lab Marcus Bernini

Marcus Bernini | City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

Marcus Bernini is a resident osteopath at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy with more than 15 years of experience in manual therapy and osteopathy under his belt. In recent years, Marcus has dedicated time and effort to treating and educating climbers ranging from the weekend recreational warriors to Singapore’s most elite national climbers. As a former professional athlete himself, Marcus has “personally experienced nearly all injuries possible”. So trust him when he says he knows your pain.

Prehab Rehab Lab Tan Shi Hui

Tan Shi Hui | Team Climb Central

Shi Hui is a climbing coach and a routesetter. She is also a Climb Central Ambassador and has been climbing for close to 10 years. As she progresses in her climbing, she has learnt a couple of tricks on how to “fix up her body on her own”. She has also been getting professional help from Marcus. Her list of past injuries includes hips impingement and a partially torn LCL. With proper rest and rehab, she was able to send an 8a 3 months after her LCL injury.

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