Equipment You Need to Start Climbing


October 2015

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Now that you have decided to pick up rock climbing, you might be wondering what equipment you need to climb. Climbing equipment comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes for different uses and it takes a while to get understand all of it. To start your climbing journey, here are some basic equipment you need.   


One of the most important pieces of equipment needed to climb at the high wall, the harness ensures that you are safe by catching your falls and making sure that you are attached to the rope on the belay system. Climbing harnesses are designed with a loop around your waist and two leg loops that can be adjusted according to your size. It also comes with a belay loop and one or more gear loops. A harness costs between $80 to $180 depending on the make and model.

Climbing Harness: Image Source

For children between 4 to 9 years old, a body harness would be more suitable as it fits around the body of the wearer more snugly and prevents the child from slipping through the loops.

Full Body Harness for children: Image Source

Climbing Shoes 

Normal canvas or sport shoes would not do for rock climbing as the padded soles and wide fit at the toes makes it very difficult to step on small climbing tiles. Climbing shoes are made to be a close fit with a narrow toe box design to make it easier for the wearer to climb. The special rubber allows it to withstand the wear and tear from climbing on tiles and hard surfaces. The added friction from the rubber also makes it easier to climb and make technical moves on the wall.

Climbing shoes: Image Source

Chalk Bag 

If you intend to climb regularly, a chalk bag is a good investment. It is used to store chalk balls or loose chalk and comes with a loop to wear the chalk bag around the waist. Although you can make do with a bag of chalk, the chalk bag makes it easier to replenish your hands with chalk to keep your hands dry and comfortable while climbing on a route. This is especially useful for those with sweaty palms as they would need to chalk their hands more often.

Chalk Bag: Image Source

Most climbing gyms have these equipment available for rental at a small fee. There are more climbing equipment out there, but with these three items on hand, you are all set to begin climbing.

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