Learn to climb outdoors this April in Long Dong, Taiwan!


Long Dong(龍洞), 

translates to Dragon’s Cave in English and is a coastal climbing destination located in the Northeast of Taiwan.


‍Long Dong is also home base for QxAdventures, comprising Qx and his wife Kelly. Aside from operating a hostel (The Bivy) for climbers, both of them have been climbing, guiding and actively involved in bolting and development of the area.


‍Based on our common experiences climbing in Long Dong, the Climb Central team is really excited to be working with QxAdventures to share more about outdoor climbing and help you go on that dream climbing vacation!  

We have come up with a series of Going Outdoors workshops geared towards lead climbers that have little or no experience climbing outdoors.

Here's how to get started: 

Step 1: Join us for the Introduction to Outdoors workshop

  • Held at Climb Central on 7 April, 10-2pm, $60/pax.

  • Learn about the risks of outdoor climbing from experienced outdoor climbers

  • Learn about different types of anchors and skills you will need so that you’re prepared for your next climbing trip. (We will be covering both top-out technique as well as abseiling because we think both are important!)

  • Practice in the indoor setting to reduce instances of panicking outside!

Step 2: Join us for Gym to Crag in Long Dong 13-15 April 2018

  • Hosted by QxAdventures, 10am-6pm on all 3 days, $480/pax

  • A structured programme to orientate you to the crag and apply what you’ve practiced indoors.

  • Learn about different scenarios: the more you climb, the more you learn!

  • Bonus: We’re confident that Qx knows the best routes in the area and will be able to give you some insider tips on enjoying the climb

  • Flights and extensions to enjoy Taiwan are on your own

Will it be enough to just attend one class? 

The classes are designed as a package to complement each other and allow you the full experience of practising indoors and applying the skills outdoors. If you can’t make the dates, we suggest you take the Intro to Outdoors first and take some time to consolidate and practice before doing the Gym to Crag. Just don’t take too long in between or you lose the recency effect! 

Alternatively, if someone has brought you outdoor climbing but you’re looking for the technical knowledge about how to plan your own trip, you can consider the Intro to Outdoors class. These classes focus on single pitch outdoor climbing. Multi-pitch options coming at a later date! 

Do I really need to attend a course to climb outdoors? 

Honestly, no. Learning a skill can happen on your own, from friends, or from an instructor. Many climbers get their first outdoor experience by tagging along with a more experienced friend. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a great mentor that gets you started and prepares you to one day bring more friends out. If not, you might find yourself having close calls or stuck in situations that you need rescuing from. 

Given the growth of climbing and aspirations of climbers to climb on rock, we do think its important that there are improving standards as to what climbers should know and be equipped to do before heading outdoors. With this in mind, we have developed this course to give Singapore climbers the skills to be independent and responsible outdoor climbers. Only then can we ensure that the crags continue to be openly accessible to all.   

For more information on QxAdventures /The Bivy, check out https://thebivylongdong.com/ Alternatively, sign up for the course here or share this post with your friends!


Hope to see you in Long Dong!