New Addition to our Training Area!


September 2017

Climb Central

If you’ve recently been to Climb Central, you would have walked past the newest addition to our training area, the Endurance Wall, a.k.a., the rainbow ‘Wall of Fame’! 

What is it? 

The endurance wall is fitted with a large selection of holds. Different sequences of movements between holds can be devised at your will. 

How do I use it?

Increase the difficulty by attempting longer routes or more complicated sequences. As with all training equipment, we do have some guidelines and rules in place to make sure everyone helps to keep to training area safe! 

Below are some of the DOs and DON’Ts to take note of:



Each of the colourful holds was affectionately named by a Climb Central crew, instructor, route-setter or Youth Team member!

So the next time you train with a buddy, go ahead and shout out the names of the holds you want each other to grab. 

“Pinch that iPad, grab the Sambal Kangkong, crimp the Cheese, pull on that Teh Ping!” 

Have fun getting stronger! Allez!  

Climb Central