Rocking the Rocklands

After nearly 2 years of working/climbing/eating together at CC... the three familiar faces (Chris, Mel & Mich) you've seen around finally managed to pack our bags and leave CC in good hands and embark on our journey abroad.  Spirits were high as we awaited our 17 days journey to this special place that most Singaporean climbers have heard or seen thru videos but not many have yet ventured to! None of us really knew what to expect except that we were ready to go explore and see what the land of lions & boulders had to offer and hopefully not freeze our butts off in the process. 

Rocklands and all the magic it has to offer!

Trip Summary: Duration: 1st to 17th July 2016. Flights:

  • Singapore Airlines: $1,546 for a more direct 14 hour flight

  • Emirates: $1,287 for a longer flight with a 4+ hour transit through Dubai

Total Budget: <$3000/pax for a group of 3

  • Flights of $1.5k/pax, accommodations $250/pax, food $150/pax, access fees & guidebook $100/pax

  • Transportation: $600/car & petrol $200/car. It's about a 3 hours drive from Cape Town with not much option for public transport so sharing a car is the most convenient way of getting around. A regular sedan served us well in the drier month.


  • Depark ( the busiest campsite where climbers from all over gather. The cabin option holds 2 but a third bed can be moved in if you book an extra bed or there is always the trusty crashmats option. Walking distance to quite a significant number of sectors (dihedral, close plateau, far plateau, arch valley, fileds of joy)

  • Die Poort ( new! there are cabins / caravans / camping. They apparently do an awesome fish fry night which we missed plus is on the same turn in for the trek to The Hatchling

  • Other common choices include

  • Alpha Excelsior ( Home to The Hen House – place of awesome breakfast and chai latte and free wifi where many climbers spend their mornings)

  • Traveller's Rest: Slightly further out from the main boulder areas but still popular