Verification FAQs

Dear Climbers 

Thanks for your questions and feedback about the new Verification Process. We have consolidated the common concerns in this FAQ and hope it will assist: 

1. I already have a SNCS Level 1 / 2 certification, do I still need to be verified? 

The verification is intended as an additional level of facility checks to ensure climber proficiency before usage of the Top Rope or Lead walls.

Given the recent increase in climbers, we feel the need for this additional level of checks for the facility to better manage the risks arising from climber & belayer inexperience and/or complacency. 

 CC believes that the overarching theme for the recent changes is raising of safety standards. Aside from the introduction of assisted braking devices (ABDs) and checking that customers know how to use an ABD, we also hope to check that all climbers /belayers are generally proficient in what they are doing.

Climbers are still encouraged to take top rope or lead courses (e.g. the SNCS level 1 / 2 classes) and attend ABD workshops to help you attain the skills that are necessary to pass the verification test. The pre-requisite for taking the test is still attendance at a course and /or years of previous experience. 

2. Where will the new verification tag be recognised? 

 The new verification tag will be recognised at Climb Central, Climb Asia and Onsight. This is not a certification card and should you visit other climbing facilities outside of the above gyms (locally / overseas), you may still need to demonstrate proof of competency in climbing and belaying according to their own facility standards.

3. Is the old lead tag still valid? 

 CC will continue to recognise the old lead tag until 31st May 2017.

A new lead tag will be issued upon passing the verification. From 1st June 2017, Climb Central will require climbers to display the new lead tag when using the lead wall or top rope walls (if you wish to use belay device attached to harness). For requirements of other facilities, please refer to them directly. 

4. Who are people who are included in ‘’1st time free (till 31 May 2017) if you have previously passed a lead verification test at CC’’ 

 The fee waiver is only for people who have paid $10 to take a lead verification assessment at Climb Central. It does not include people who have exchanged their Level 2 cards for a lead tag at CC. 

5. What happens if I can’t make it for any of CC’s verification slots by 1st June 2017? 

 We will be monitoring verification signup during the next few months and will open more slots if needed. In addition, we do intend to conduct verification on a regular basis even after 1st June for those who require it. 

6. I still have questions that aren’t answered… 

If you still have any other questions or queries about verification please email us at We seek your understanding in advance that we may not be able to respond to every social media comment/ question but will do our best to reply to individual emails, answer your questions over the counter and to consolidate/ update these FAQs.