What’s in a climber study trip?

In December 2016, we visited Salt Lake City (UT, USA) to learn about route-setting best practices, equipment management and Climbing Wall Association standards. Here’s a quick snapshot of our experiences! 

‍Day 1: Reporting for  at the Petzl Technical Institute.class

‍After a morning of registration and briefings, we entered the fun part of the CWA /Petzl Working at Heights in a Climbing Gym course.

‍Notebooks and camera out to record and learn as much as we can.phones

‍Course content included best practices for of wall work and lots of practice.fronthands on

‍We also talked wall work and rescues.backabout  of

‍Sharing and learning with other gym operators & managers. We did a lot of that during the CWI Provider course.

‍Definitely a little bit of sit down and discussions /lectures during the course too.

‍Here’s an interesting tidbit from the Petzl PPE training course: It’s recommended not to have stickers on safety equipment, especially helmets. Cracks may be hidden under the stickers!

‍View from the top while checking out the Petzl Technical Institute’s facilities: They host firefighter training and also a little bit of equipment testing.

‍Break Stuff night! Playing around with this fancy machine to find out how well our old equipment holds up to extreme static loading!

‍Climbing gear (steel) is pretty strong! Left: See wire gate carabiner with plenty of surface rust. Fractured at 25.88kN. Right: See toy carabiner: NOT FOR CLIMBING! Fractured at 0.59kN (may be inaccurate due to slippage).snaplink

‍Playing and comparing 3 generations of Petzl’s assisted braking device: GriGri, GriGri2 and the new GriGri+ (prototype)

Online shopping at backcountry.com during Cyber Monday. None of the climbing gyms rent lead climbing ropes due to increased liability from having to maintain rental ropes. Excuse to purchase additional climbing gear!

‍And of  no day is complete without a visiting a climbing gym after work!course

‍The Front: Understanding the gym’s registration and facility rules before we start the climb.

‍Taking a verification test at The Front to get our Verification Tags!

‍Newest Salt Lake City additions to our collection of verification tags! Gotta collect 'em all!

‍Momentum Climbing: More gym visits!

‍Momentum Millcreek: Testing out the Edelrid Ohm with a lead belay on their super incline wall.

‍Momentum Lehi: A spacious boulder-only facility with both angular wall profiles (left) and rounded top-out boulders (right)

‍Momentum Youth Team training in progress: Mock Comp Day!

We're applying what we have learnt, with some adaptations to what we think will work best for Climb Central and the CC community. So if you do see some changes around, you’ll know the reasons why... Climb safe and keep learning! =)