Young Ones, Big Climbs

Have you seen our Youth Team climbers around?

‍Ethan, Jade, and Kyla have been climbing together since May 2016 and we recently welcomed Kai‘Ze to the team as well.

The CC Youth Team 

was started to provide committed youth with an opportunity to pursue their passion for climbing and train regularly outside of a school setting. Youths on the team receive a sponsorship to climb and train at Climb Central as recognition for their willingness to both pursue climbing as a sport and to share climbing with those around them. They serve as representatives and ambassadors of Climb Central reminding us to stay humble and keep working hard to improve!

Ethan, Jade, Kyla and Kai'Ze have official training twice a week under Coach Lynnette Koh every Wednesday and Sunday, and it's great to see them improve and grow together. Recently, the team has started to venture out more into carnivals and friendly competitions. 

In September 2016, Ethan and Kai‘Ze also visited Tehran, Iran as part of a Youth C team for the Asian Youth Championships. They didn’t come back with a medal but it was definitely a great experience for them.

To end off with some wise words from Lynnette: 

“I want my kids to be great ambassadors not just for Climb Central but also the climbing community — good climbers with good values. I want these kids to be an inspiration to the community.” 

We share big dreams for our Youth Team. 

Say hi the next time you seen them around!