Climb Central and QxAdventures are working together to bring you a two-part class that brings you outdoors and teaches you how to be an independent outdoor climber!
An indoor workshop to learn about outdoor climbing and practice the skills required.
Class will cover
•  Prepare yourself for differences in the outdoor environment
•  Get to know about protection types, anchor types, topping out and abseiling
Completed lead verification at Climb Central
$60*/pax for 4 hours class

*$10 Discount for all White and Orange Pass holders
Transition into outdoor climbing under the guidance of experienced instructors
Class will cover
•  Apply and practice skills in a small group setting
•  Learn about variations and alternatives to manage different scenarios
Completed Intro to Outdoors workshop
$480/pax for 3 day course

Not inclusive of airfare, meals and travel insurance.
Thanks for your interest in our Intro to Outdoor classes!

Instead of having a fixed time slot for booking,
we would like to cater a little bit more to your availability and preferences.

Please leave your contact details and availability and we will be in touch to
start the class once there are sufficient participants for your preferred timeslot.
QxAdventures is a rock climbing guide service that focuses on learning and climbing in a realistic yet safe environment. We value the quality of experience of our clients and sustainable tourism in areas we operate through stewardship and professionalism. Qx and Kelly are both American Mountain Guides Association certified instructors with years of outdoor climbing experiences in various styles of climbing. We look forward to creating a climbing experience that is educational, enjoyable and challenging for you.
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Weekends and PH | 9am - 9pm
Climb Central Novena
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